Offset Portfolio

Build a CO2 offsetting portfolio with ATPI

ATPI has partnered with Respira, one of the world’s leading CO2 project providers to drive forward sustainable travel programmes and support clients in achieving their environmental targets. Unlike any other TMC, ATPI has taken the bold decision to take CO2 offsetting for unavoidable travel to a whole new level by investing in our very own portfolios thereby enabling our client to offset the entire impact of the their travel activity.

In addition, the ATPI Halo consultancy will source other specific projects to fit client requirements and align with wider corporate goals on an ad hoc and bespoke basis.

The ATPI Portfolio can help to secure prices in rising markets by packaging our travel offering alongside a choice of our projects at point of sale. This investment makes the business of managing your CO2 footprint more affordable than going into the general offset market.

ATPI can provide ease of access to high quality offsets for clients through our real-time, full offset turnkey service which is:

  • Transparent
  • Excellent value
  • Highest quality
  • Strategically aligned
  • Fully certified and evidenced

Travel managers can commit to sustainability targets as well as cost targets, with ease of access to high quality offsets provided through ATPI.

Offsetting can be charged either on an accruals basis (eg. quarterly or annually).

Alternatively, point of invoice calculations and options will allow client to achieve, to create a real-time, balanced and fully compensated travel programme, even allowing the individual traveller/traveller booker to see the CO2 cost of travel as it happens.

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