CO2 offsetting for travel managers

CO2 offsetting options

In partnership with several market leading organisations, ATPI can provide a range of sustainable services from a basic offsetting charge per journey through to a full turnkey CO2 footprint measuring, reduction and off setting service. This offers clients a choice of investment in high quality projects which are responsive to the sustainability wishes of each individual organisation.

In recognition of the impact of its business model on the environment, ATPI will seek to play an active role in the compensating strategies and activities of its clients by offering all the opportunity to measure, reduce and offset.

Together with its clients, ATPI can help make fully compensated travel an achievable goal for all and by participating in clients’ sustainability plans and encouraging all to offset their travel fully, ATPI will deliver what really matters.

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With several funding options, ATPI will work with clients to deliver fully compensated travel at a suitable cost, with the associate planning, MIS reporting and verification tools.

ATPI offsetting options will address clients objectives in terms of:

  • Type of project
  • Price of offset unit
  • Jurisdiction
  • SDG

ATPI measures the CO2 emissions using industry recognised metrics to calculate the tonnage to be offset. The client then chooses their portfolio or project and receives an annual certificate of offsetting, setting out the total offset tonnage and the projects invested in (together with the world-leading or Verra registry serial numbers for audit purposes).

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