Making agriculture part of the solution to climate change

The project, located in Leicestershire, aims to improve soil health, promoting biodiversity and creating a sustainable business producing nutritious food whilst sequestering carbon. This is the first UK Project to generate credits by directly measuring soil organic carbon gains over a production cycle. It represents an opportunity to promote environmental and financial sustainability in British farming, thereby making agriculture part of the solution to climate change, not part of the problem.

● Blaston Regenerative Farming has removed approximately 5,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere during the 2020-21 season.

● Has seen a 7-fold increase in worm count.

● 230 hectares are under regenerative agriculture practices

● Soil organic matter has significantly increased, enabling the land to hold nutrients and water, reducing runoff, pollution and erosion

● Fertility is built naturally through the manuring of sheep and cattle. There has been a 26% reduction in the use of artificial nitrogen (fertiliser).

● High density direct soil sampling. Direct laboratory measurement verified by Ecometric’s AI soil organic carbon MRV system

● The Project is verified by ecometric under project advisory from Indigro

The following Sustainable Development Goals are being pursued with this project: