One new step for ATPI, one reduced footprint for mankind

ATPI Halo is a CO2 measurement, reduction and offset service designed by travel management experts. Empowering your organisation by offering maximum choice and total transparency, ATPI Halo partners with world-leading offsetting projects to support you in building sustainable travel solutions that are effective and easy to align with your corporate objectives.


Why we created ATPI Halo

ATPI Halo was developed to act as hub for ideas, technologies, projects and more to build a sustainable travel model for
the future – all with the aim of supporting organisations in changing their approach to business travel for the better.

Designed using our extensive travel management experience, ATPI Halo was created to be a proactive step towards changing the way the corporate travel sector views sustainable travel and to pioneer industry-leading approaches to making travel more sustainable.

Offset Portfolio

Our Methodology

ATPI believes that by using the Measure -> Reduce -> Offset methodology, travel managers can now commit to sustainability targets and as well as cost targets, in line with their organisations’ goals for truly sustainable travel.


  • CO2 emissions are currently calculated by ATPI
  • Complete data set available to all clients
  • Dashboard presentation
  • Consistent data at POS and MIS
  • Universal client use


  • Travel planning to embrace reduction targets
  • Options available at booking would allow choices to be made
  • Comparative data on routes or types of transport


  • ATPI to be involved at a strategy offset level
  • ATPI to have own portfolio of offset projects built by several providers
  • Clients to be offered access to ATPI portfolio
  • ATP offset portfolio built in conjunction with worlds leading Carbon reduction project verifiers
  • Access to high quality projects and flexible approach allowed to achieve a range of objectives across a number of areas
  • All projects aligned with United Nations SDGs

ATPI Halo supports you in making your travel more sustainable by offering


Access to multiple top-quality CO2 offset projects from trusted providers such as Respira and EcoAct.


All initiatives provide annual certification for contributors; ensuring transparency, proving sustainability credentials and supporting travel sustainability initiatives.


Work with a team of travel management experts to develop a tailored approach to sustainable travel that works for your organisation.

Find the right CO2 offsetting project for you

Corporate travel and sustainable initiatives

Our ATPI Halo projects are selected for their quality, integrity and effectiveness in addressing the global challenges of environmental impact management. Correlation with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ensures a balance of the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental.

For example:

  • Ntakata REDD+ works with local communities to manage the park’s forests sustainably through land use, planning, agroforestry, health, education and sustainable agriculture. The project supports
    UN SDG

  • Qianbei Afforestation improves CO2 sequestration and enhances biodiversity on degraded lands by planting native trees and prohibiting logging. The project supports
    UN SDG2

  • The Amayo 40MW Wind project generates and delivers renewable, affordable, and clean electricity to the Nicaraguan grid, replacing old, fuel based technology and increasing the supply and reliability of electricity. The project supports
    UN SDG3

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