Africa’s largest REDD+ project

• Implemented on communal land in 12 chiefdoms falling within Game Management Areas and 2 private ranches. In partnership with local authorities and the Zambian government

• The project empowers community stakeholders through activities such as conservation agriculture, harvesting of non-timber forest products, enterprise development, infrastructure development and water provision

• Reduces emissions by 1,368,629 tons a year

• The project protects close to 1 million hectares of forest

• Protects wild dogs, leopards, lions, elephants and Thornicroft’s Giraffes

• The project benefits close to 36,000 households through activities such as honey production, conservation farming and clean drinking water

• Verra (VCS) – VM0009

• Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) – Triple Gold

• Project Lifetime: 30 years from 2015

• Project Status: First verification was completed July 2018

The following Sustainable Development Goals are being pursued with this project: